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Do Not Represent Yourself for an Injury Accident

In this video, Orange County Injury Attorney John P. Burns explains why you probably don't want to represent yourself after an injury accident, although you could do so in a case involving vehicle ...
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Do You Need an Attorney For Your Injury Case?

If you been injured in an accident, you may be wondering if you need an attorney to help you with your case. In most cases you will want an attorney's help getting the settlement you deserve, ...
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How do you Deal With Insurance Companies?

When dealing with insurance companies, you are at a serious disadvantage from the beginning. Sometimes insurance adjusters are not being fair. But at the Law Offices of John P. Burns, we know how to ...
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Do You Have Questions About Your Accident?

Are you hurt and need information? Do you need help with the insurance company? Are you unsure whether you need an attorney? Do you need an attorney but don't know where to find a good one? Many of ...
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What if My Insurance Company Wants to Take a Recorded Statement From Me?

Your insurance policy almost always includes a provision that you must cooperate with them in the investigation of an accident. This means you may be required to give a recorded statement to your own ...
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How Do I Get the Other Person's Insurance Company to Talk to Me?

Insurance companies will usually answer calls from attorneys before answering calls from someone that has been involved in an accident. It’s not right or fair, but it’s the way it is. If you hire ...
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I'm in the Hospital After an Accident, Now an Officer Wants to Take a Statement From me. What Do I Do?

If you are in the hospital when an officer comes to take a statement from you, you have to be careful. If you have been given any medications, be careful of what you say. Make sure to tell the ...
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How Do I Choose the Right Attorney For My Case?

Choosing the right attorney to handle your case is a very important decision, and one you should make carefully. When you come to the Law Offices of John P. Burns, we will talk about your case in ...
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What Happens Once I Decide to File A Lawsuit?

Once you have decided to file a lawsuit related to your accident, you should talk to an attorney immediately. There are several things that a qualified injury attorney will be able to do to help...
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Can I Change Attorneys For My Personal Injury Case?

In this video, Orange County injury attorney John Burns explains that it is easy to change attorneys: you just ask the new attorney who is taking over your case to notify your old attorney of the ...
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