Were You Injured By A Dog?

Law Offices of John P. Burns


When a dog that is owned by a person bites and injures another person, that dog owner is required by California law to compensate the injured person. If you have been injured by a dog, there are things you need to be aware of, in order to ensure you get adequate compensation for your injuries.

Attorney John P. Burns has been handling dog bite cases since 1981, and has represented victims ranging from very small children to senior citizens.


Mr. Burns has special expertise in how to bring suit against the dog owner in order to obtain compensation for the injured person. For instance, Mr. Burns has particular knowledge about plastic surgery. This is especially important when a dog bite has caused injury to visible body parts, such as the face.


Mr. Burns is also educated in regard to various leash laws and other city codes regulating the control of dogs. This expertise is highly important in cases where a dog bite occurs at locations other than a homeowner’s property.


Should you or a loved one receive injuries from the bite of a dog or other pet, please contact The Law Offices of John P. Burns as soon as possible.  Early action on such cases can preserve your right to full compensation for your injuries.


Dog Bite Cases