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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the insurance company saying that there is not enough damage to my car for me to be injured in an accident?
Is there a law against tinting my vehicle windows in California?
What are the first things to do after you leave the accident scene?
Will I lose money on my accident injury claim if I miss some doctor appointments?
Should I sue if the insurance company delays in making a good settlement offer?
Is my accident claim against the person who caused my injuries or against that person’s insurance company?
What happens if I decide to file a car accident or personal injury lawsuit?
Can I get a good settlement on my case without having to file a lawsuit or go to trial?
What can I do to protect myself from drivers with no insurance or very little insurance?
What is a whiplash injury?
If I am not happy with my attorney can I switch attorneys at no extra cost to me?
I was in a car accident, had an examination and physical therapy or chiropractic treatment but I am still having pain – What is my next step?
What can cause pain, numbness or tingling that spreads into an arm or down a leg after an accident?
What happens when I go to an attorney for a free initial consultation for my car accident case?
Why does a doctor refer an accident patient to a neurologist for an EMG or NCV test?
A car pulled out in front of my motorcycle, and I sustained road rash. Do I have a claim?
What is spinal lumbar fusion surgery and how does it work?
I was in a car accident and fractured my femur. How much is my injury worth?
What are the symptoms of a herniated disc?
Should I give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company?
Do I need a lawyer to represent me in my legal case?
Is it important to ask the police to do an accident report if I am in an accident?
What should I do at the accident scene after I have been in an accident?
How do I know if I have an accident injury case?
What factors make a strong personal injury case?
My mom was killed in an airplane crash. Can pilot error be to blame?
A passenger in my car was seriously injured after a truck crashed into us. Who pays for her injuries and medical care?
I was involved in a car accident and have some pain in my neck. Should I see a doctor, even though I can bear the pain?
I have been in an accident that wasn’t my fault, who will pay my medical bills?
How much is my claim worth?
Is there a time limit for collecting after an accident?
Do I really need a lawyer?
How much will the legal fees be to handle my case?
How Can I Choose The Right Lawyer?
What About Products That Cause Injuries?
What Is A Wrongful Death Claim?
Are Aviation Injuries Different than Other Accidents?