Personal Injury

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Personal Injury CasesAny case in which someone is injured due to the negligence of another is a personal injury case. Attorney John Burns has handled hundreds of different types of personal injury cases during his many years as a lawyer.

In one case, Mr. Burns successfully represented the parents of a woman whose husband flew their small private plane into a mountain in Mexico, killing the wife and himself. Mr. Burns filed suit against the estate of the deceased husband for negligent piloting and won a significant amount of money from the insurance company of the husband for the parents of the deceased wife.

Mr. Burns also filed suit against Amtrak for injuries to a client who was injured in a train derailment. The woman was in a full body cast for many months. Mr. Burns sued Amtrak and obtained a large amount of money for his client in settlement of her case.

Mr. Burns also won a dangerous product case in which people had defective artificial hips implanted during hip replacement surgery. He represented six people who had all had to have a second operation to replace the defective hip artificial hip with a new non-defective implant. All six clients received significant sums of money.

Whatever the case, if you have been injured through the negligence of another person, company or other entity, Mr. Burns can and will represent you. Please call The Law Offices of John P. Burns for assistance in the resolution of your personal injury case.


I was in an accident and was injured. I was in so much pain that I could not sleep. I did not have health insurance so I couldn’t get the medical care I needed. Attorney John P. Burns took my case and immediately arranged for me to be seen by a pain management specialist on a lien basis. This meant that I could get treatment right away but my medical bills could be paid later out of my case settlement. The pain management doctor treated my pain and gave me medication to help me sleep. Mr. Burns then negotiated a good settlement with the insurance company so that my bills were all paid and there was money left for me to do what I wanted with it. If anyone needs an attorney who will care for them as a person, as well as doing a great job as their lawyer, I highly recommend attorney John P. Burns. In addition the staff of his law office also treated me with friendship, care, and courtesy.
I found myself in need of a personal injury attorney & turned to The Law Offices of John P. Burns. I felt my legal matter was given the highest quality of legal service and professionalism. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and the handling of it by John Burns. The Law Offices of John P. Burns is a professional, organized company that really cares about their clients.