John is one of the top personal injury lawyers in Orange County, California. Not only does he have very impressive credentials as an experienced trial lawyer, I’m also impressed with what John did before becoming an attorney (U.S. marine and airline captain). It’s obvious to me that John’s a man, and lawyer, you can trust and someone who will give your case the time and effort it deserves. One more thing… John and I both practice the same type of law. While my endorsement of John might result in my firm losing a case or two to him, I’m comfortable with doing so because I know for a fact that he’ll always put the client’s best interest first. And when it’s all said and done, that’s what it’s all about. Helping people! John, it’s a pleasure to know you!

Mitch Jackson

John P. Burns is one of the few outstanding personal injury attorneys in Orange County. I have had the pleasure and honor to provide private investigation services to him for over 20 years. His work ethic is amazing, and his meticulous attention to detail ensures that each of his clients receive the very best representation for their case. I highly recommend John for any personal injury case requiring his skills!

Jim Zimmer

John Burns is a thoughtful, focussed and extremely articulate attorney, with a keen intelligence and a broad grasp of the nuances of the medico-legal issues within cases needing this focus. Working with him in this sphere has been a pleasure.

Colin Koransky PhD

John Burns represented me on two separate occasions over the past few years. I have to say, during a difficult time trying to heal from my injuries, 3 days I spent in ICU, doctors appointments, physical therapy and even a few surgeries from my injuries, John and his team were so pleasant to work with. John, Chris and Heather really made the entire process so much easier. They will tell you that they will fight to truly get you the best representation and they most certainly deliver. Although, I never want to be in another auto accident I’m comforted in knowing I can call John.

Brittney Risher