John Heimbruch, Lake Forest, CA

My car was rear ended in a six car crash in Los Angeles. My vehicle was damaged so badly I had to use the window to get out. I suffered injuries to my whole body but my low back was injured the worst. I was referred to attorney John P. Burns of the Law Offices of John P. Burns. Mr. Burns immediately got me to a medical doctor at no out of pocket cost to me. Attorney Burns then obtained medical care for me, including physical therapy and pain management physicians. This was also at no out of pocket cost to me. John Burns then negotiated a settlement for me in which the insurance company paid the maximum policy limits of the person who caused the accident. All of my bills and costs were paid out of the settlement plus I received a cash sum I was very satisfied with. I think that anyone injured in an accident will get great results by having attorney John P Burns as their attorney. John did a great job in my case and I believe that I got the best result possible.