Michael Nolan, Murrieta, CA

I was in an accident and was injured. I was in so much pain that I could not sleep. I did not have health insurance so I couldn’t get the medical care I needed. Attorney John P. Burns took my case and immediately arranged for me to be seen by a pain management specialist on a lien basis. This meant that I could get treatment right away but my medical bills could be paid later out of my case settlement. The pain management doctor treated my pain and gave me medication to help me sleep. Mr. Burns then negotiated a good settlement with the insurance company so that my bills were all paid and there was money left for me to do what I wanted with it. If anyone needs an attorney who will care for them as a person, as well as doing a great job as their lawyer, I highly recommend attorney John P. Burns. In addition the staff of his law office also treated me with friendship, care, and courtesy.