Kathryn “Katy” S., Long Beach, CA

John P. Burns, a Super Lawyer My neck and back were injured in a three vehicle rear end collision on the freeway in Riverside County. In addition to my neck and back injuries, the motor vehicle collision caused me terrible headaches. A family friend, who is also a doctor, referred us to personal injury attorney John P. Burns. As soon as John took on my case everything started going fairly smoothly. Then, in an unrelated case, I slipped and fell. In the slip and fall accident I injured my head where it struck the curb. I then suffered a different type of headaches, dizziness and other medical problems. The defense in the car collision case tried to argue that all of my continuing physical problems were due to the slip and fall accident, not the vehicle accident. John Burns did a great job in separating out the two accidents, the two separate injuries and the doctor who treated me for each. John was able to get the defense in the vehicle accident case to pay me a reasonable amount in settlement so that I could get on with my life without having to go to trial. I would strongly recommend having John P. Burns as their attorney to anyone who is injured and needs a super lawyer to help them prevail in their case.