James Eliot, Lake Forest, CA

I received a badly fractured leg when I was hit by a car. I was walking across an intersection as a pedestrian. The investigating officer said that I was crossing against a do not walk sign when I was hit. The officer found me to be the cause of the accident. The insurance company for the driver who hit me would not admit fault or tell us the amount of the driver’s insurance policy. Attorney John P. Burns took my case. When the insurance company would not tell John the amount of the driver’s policy he filed a lawsuit to make the insurance company tell us. Shortly after John filed the lawsuit the insurance company called him on the phone. They not only told Mr. Burns the amount of the driver’s insurance policy. The insurance company actually offered to pay the entire amount of the policy to me if I would dismiss my lawsuit. My wife and I accepted the settlement. During the whole time of our case John and his staff treated me, my wife and my family with warmth, respect and courtesy. I believe John Burns is an excellent lawyer. I would recommend John P. Burns as an accident injury lawyer to anyone who is injured due to the carelessness or negligence of another.