Richard Dombrow, Attorney at Law, Irvine, CA

I am a family law attorney in Southern California. I have known attorney John P. Burns for approximately twenty years. In all that time I have known him to be honest, trustworthy, professionally well qualified and experienced.\r\nI recently referred John a personal injury case in which a friend of mine suffered a very serious fracture of his leg. My friend had to have surgery and the implantation of steel rods and bolts. My friend\’s case had some very significant problems with liability in regard to proving that the injuries were caused by the fault of someone other than my friend. After Mr. Burns took the case, there was also an adverse ruling by a judge which made the case even more favorable to the defense. John was able to come up with a new and different theory of liability which I believe made the defense very concerned that he would be able to bring in a large jury verdict in my friend\’s favor. At a pre-trial settlement conference Mr. Burns was able to settle the case for my client for a very significant amount of money. I would recommend attorney John P. Burns to anyone who has been injured. John is a very talented, professional and caring personal injury attorney who does a great job for his clients.