Vicky Bush, San Juan Capistrano

Several years ago, I was driving home after dropping my son off at Kindergarten when a car hit my driver’s side door at 70 MPH. I suffered major internal injuries as well as broken ribs and pelvis. Recovering from the accident took months of physical therapy and was mentally exhausting and on top of it, I was buried trying to work with the insurance companies to cover my medical bills. A friend of mine recommended that I retain John Burns as my lawyer. I left my first meeting with John and felt an immediate relief that I had somebody willing to handle all of the details of my case so I could focus on my recovery. John was a true advocate for me throughout the entire process, communicating with me every step of the way, and working on my behalf. The case was settled in a swift manner, my medical bills were all covered with my credit intact, and John was able to settle for the maximum compensation possible. John Burns made a difference in my recovery and in my case because he cares about his clients and works with and for them. Recently I was involved in another accident where the driver was uninsured and unlicensed. John took my case without hesitation and immediately began working on my behalf. While my injuries are not nearly as extensive, having John represent me gives me the confidence that my case will be handled in the most professional and compassionate manner possible. I would highly recommend John Burns to others who find themselves in need of his services.