Todd P. Mission Viejo, CA

I was in a horrible car accident. My compact car was rear ended by an SUV which pushed my car into another SUV. The car was demolished and my knee smashed under the dashboard. After a day of simply waiting for the shock to wear off, I made an appointment with ease thanks to the great work of Heather Burns. John Burns was able to get me setup not only with very comprehensive medical attention but also arranged to have the car analyzed and repaired by an excellent collision shop. John explained everything along the way and kept a keen interest in my progress. I went through a LONG process of rehab and eventually surgery when it was wasn’t enough. John was there for the surgery and very supportive. We had to do depositions and much paperwork which John P Burns great assistant Chris Fellows made very simple and handled most of. John helped me understand everything and Chris kept me up to speed on the status as things went along. Heather was very gracious and kept communications and things in order. In the end, they were able to execute a more than satisfactory settlement which you should understand is VERY hard to do with auto insurance companies these days. DO NOT attempt to collect auto insurance on your own – DO first talk to John. These folks are very nice people and John is a fellow Marine. You couldn’t ask for a better legal counsel if you have the misfortune of personal injury.