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Our satisfied clients share their success stories. There is no better way to choose a lawyer than to hear what his clients say about their experience. We hope reading some of our clients’ personal stories will help you choose the Law Offices of John P. Burns to represent you.

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Armendariz-JB-84-x-100There are a lot of lawyers out there, but if I were you, I would call John P. Burns. John Burns really knows what he’s doing. John and his team did a bang up job on my case. They helped me with my personal injury claim and they were always there to take my calls and answer my questions. They helped me to get the care I needed and the money I deserved for my injuries. If you’ve been an accident and you need help, call John P. Burns.Ernesto Armendariz, Homeland, CA
Kihm-Testimonial-104-x-130I was in a terrifying accident. I was hit by a car while crossing the street in a crosswalk. I was knocked into the air, and my head hit the car before I was thrown to the pavement, I was badly hurt, with injuries including a broken collar bone, a concussion and numerous abrasions. Emergency medical services took me to the emergency room and I had to spend the night in the hospital. It was a painful injury and it took me time to recover.I knew that I needed someone with experience to handle my case. John P. Burns and his team, of Orange County, CA, knew exactly what to do. They dealt with the insurance company to make sure that I received an outstanding settlement. They also worked with Medicare and saved me the trouble of having to deal with the federal government. They kept me informed every step of the way. I am very pleased with how my case has turned out. If you have been in an accident, then John P. Burns is the attorney that you need. Sherry Kihm, Mission Viejo, CA
John P. Burns, Attorney and Friend deskin-jb-150x150What an experience it has been. I was rear-ended at high speed by a truck on the freeway. My car was smashed and both my wife and I were both hurt badly. Things only got worse when my own insurance company tried to delay my claim while they “investigated” what had happened.I said enough is enough. I got out the phone book and found John Burns in the yellow pages. John Burns and his excellent staff got things moving right away. They got a fair settlement for the damage to my vehicle. They also helped me to get the treatment I needed and they got me a fair settlement for my injuries. More that, though, I consider John to be a real friend and it is my pleasure to recommended him to you. If you’ve been in an accident, you need to call John Burns. Greg Deskin, Mission Viejo, CA
77-x-100-Rebollo-Testimonial-PhotoI was riding my bicycle on the sidewalk when I was hit by a car coming out of a parking lot. I injured my left hip and knee in the accident. My doctor sent me to physical therapy but that made my pain worse so I had to stop physical therapy. I also had pain at work and could not sit for long periods of time. I found attorney John P. Burns on the internet. Mr. Burns and his staff were very kind and helpful to me. Mr. Burn’s office got an orthopedic surgeon to take care of me with no out of pocket payments by me. Mr. Burns also got me an MRI and took care of other medical services without me having to pay until my case settled. I was very happy with the Law Offices of John P. Burns and the great way I was treated there. I fully recommend that anyone who has a personal injury case should talk to John Burns. Mr. Burns and his staff took real good care of me and my case.Andrea Rebollo, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Van-Cleve-Testimonial-website-photoI was in a serious side-impact collision in Hemet, CA. I suffered painful injuries and I didn’t know how to navigate the complex insurance process. Attorney John P. Burns and his excellent staff did a fantastic job on my case. Their hard work and professionalism enabled me to get an outstanding settlement for my injuries. I couldn’t be more pleased with the work that Mr. Burns did on my case. I highly recommend attorney John P. Burns if you have been in a personal injury accident. Sharra Van Cleve, Hemet, CA
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