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Our satisfied clients share their success stories. There is no better way to choose a lawyer than to hear what his clients say about their experience. We hope reading some of our clients’ personal stories will help you choose the Law Offices of John P. Burns to represent you.

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Heimbruch-Testimonial-PhotoMy car was rear ended in a six car crash in Los Angeles. My vehicle was damaged so badly I had to use the window to get out. I suffered injuries to my whole body but my low back was injured the worst. I was referred to attorney John P. Burns of the Law Offices of John P. Burns. Mr. Burns immediately got me to a medical doctor at no out of pocket cost to me. Attorney Burns then obtained medical care for me, including physical therapy and pain management physicians. This was also at no out of pocket cost to me. John Burns then negotiated a settlement for me in which the insurance company paid the maximum policy limits of the person who caused the accident. All of my bills and costs were paid out of the settlement plus I received a cash sum I was very satisfied with. I think that anyone injured in an accident will get great results by having attorney John P Burns as their attorney. John did a great job in my case and I believe that I got the best result possible.John Heimbruch, Lake Forest, CA
Mission-Viejo-Car-Accident-Attorney-Helps-Mr-Mrs-CisnerosJohn Burns Took Very Good Care of usI was sitting in the front right seat of our car and my husband was driving when our car was rear ended by someone driving really fast. I had just had a left knee replacement several months before the accident and I re-injured my left knee in the crash. I also injured my neck and low back.Attorney John Burns and the people at his office helped me get to good doctors to give me medical care. There were several insurance companies involved and Mr. Burns and his office staff took care of everything having to do with them. He made the insurance companies all pay the full amounts of their policy benefits.We had really good doctors and got all our medical care paid for out of the settlement. We also received excellent settlement checks. My husband and I were really happy to have Mr. Burns taking care of our cases. If anyone needs a good accident attorney John Burns and his staff would be the best to have.Olga Cisneros, Hemet, CA
64x100-LamI was injured in a collision on the I-5 Freeway in Orange County, California. The accident was scary. A ladder fell off the truck in front of me on the freeway. I swerved to avoid the ladder and went off the road and slammed into a tree. The insurance company tried to blame me for the accident! Attorney John Burns and his excellent staff investigated the matter thoroughly, tracked down all the witnesses and forced the insurance company to accept complete fault for the accident. After that, Attorney Burns helped to get the medical care I needed in order to recover from the accident. He then fought the insurance company again in order to get all my medical bills paid and a fair settlement for me. Attorney John P. Burns and his staff really fought hard for me and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone with a serious personal injury case.Mr. Christopher Lam, Lake Forest, CA
Nolan-Michael-Testimonial-Photo-73-x-109I was in an accident and was injured. I was in so much pain that I could not sleep. I did not have health insurance so I couldn't get the medical care I needed. Attorney John P. Burns took my case and immediately arranged for me to be seen by a pain management specialist on a lien basis. This meant that I could get treatment right away but my medical bills could be paid later out of my case settlement. The pain management doctor treated my pain and gave me medication to help me sleep. Mr. Burns then negotiated a good settlement with the insurance company so that my bills were all paid and there was money left for me to do what I wanted with it. If anyone needs an attorney who will care for them as a person, as well as doing a great job as their lawyer, I highly recommend attorney John P. Burns. In addition the staff of his law office also treated me with friendship, care, and courtesy. Michael Nolan, Murrieta, CA
Clilent-Julie-Gibson-Photo-for-Testimonial-10I was in a severe front-end collision. My car was totaled and I was left with terrible low back pain. Mr. Burns negotiated a strong settlement with the insurance company so that my bills were all paid and there was money left for me to get on with my life. If anyone needs an attorney who will care for them personally, as well as doing a terrific job as their lawyer, I highly recommend attorney John P. Burns. In addition, his law office staff treated me with friendship, care, and the utmost compassion. Julie Gibson, Ladera Ranch, CA
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